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Dionne Bromfield With Amy Winehouse - iTunes Festival - 20/07/2011 - LIVE - Mama Said

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Posted 21 July 2011 - 12:03 AM

"...behavioral patterns that stick over the years..."


#2 amyinourhearts


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Posted 18 March 2018 - 03:14 PM

I think this video is very important for Amy's fans. This was recorded 3 days before her death. She seemed so fit and healthy. She even look full-figured.This is the last footage we have of her. The last time we saw our Queen alive.

I want you to focus on her LAST gesture (02:46 on this video). She pointed her head with her finger (showing suicide, perhaps?) exactly when Dionne mentioned her name. (if you look carefully, you can also see her face of disapproval-which was quite common). This video attached is recorded from an different angle as that from the official one.


MY THEORY: She was depressed, especially after what happened in Serbia (REMEMBER that plenty of people booed her and many others published nasty comments about her on the Internet). She thought she sucked and therefore she made that gesture at the very end. Taking into consideration her last SMS to Kristian Mars or the fact that she watched videos of herself the previous night, it is more likely to be a suicide. Remember that in May 2011 she was warned by a doctor (I think in The Priory,London) that she might die if she keep on drinking. So, why did she drink that night? A lot of questions, few answers.


Some facts for you to remember:

  • There was a camera in her house in Camden.The CCTV footage would be great to see her last movements.
  • She made a video call on Skype with a Spanish fan a day before her death (but without camera, only mic). A bit strange...
  • She was supposed to attend her brother's wedding
  • What about her bodyguards or father? Who allowed Amy to buy those bottles of Vodka?


I'd love to read your comments and thoughts on it.

#3 fin



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Posted 19 March 2018 - 10:42 AM

If you want to believe it to have been suicide, then so be it,  Why you'd want to try and convince everyone else however seems a little odd - what benefit would that be to anyone, including Amy?

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