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Amy Winehouse 2004 - Self-assured young singer (gaffa.dk Interview)

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 02:55 AM

Another earlier interview from November 2004 that Gaffa (gaffa.dk in Sweeden) re-posted in July 2011. I ran it thru Google translate, so there are a few strange words within ...

In honor of Amy Wine House's death brings us this interview, which GAFFA first published in November 2004
By Nanna Balslev

The voice is spun from the same raw silk threads which include Lauryn Hills and Erykah Badus, but make no mistake, English Amy Winehouse is far from the stereotype of a soul singer. She swear like a stevedore, smoking marijuana daily and speaks his mind bluntly - most recently she hog various pop stars including Britney and Madonna in an interview.

But despite bodega manners and bitch-attitudes has the only 20-year-old Winehouse committed one of the year's most remarkable debut album. She is already a big star at home, where music magazine NME has tipped her a great future. So far, she passed the likes of Coldplay and David Gray in the beds and has won an Ivor Novello Award for his songwriting, and she was among this year's nominees for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize.

Amy Wine House's voice is reminiscent of smoky New Orleans jazz clubs, and the musical heritage of jazz divas as Minnie Riperton, Sarah Vaughan and Dinah Washington can not be denied. But the edgier approach to the music she has from hip hop.

- I listen to all kinds of music - as long as it has soul. I started to sing, after I had listened to records from Sarah Vaughan and Dinah Washington - great singers, all could learn a lot from. But I think that "conscious hip hop" is the new form of jazz. People like Common and The Roots take elements from jazz and use them in a new way.

Unusual self-awareness
One thing that characterizes Amy Houses' music is the raw honesty and, for her age, excessive self-consciousness.

- There are not many people my age who know what they want with their lives. But I know what I want and what I definitely do not have time. I do such. Not all possible games, in the case of men. Sometimes bother I do not actually men, telling Amy and laugh out loud.

Exactly men is a recurring theme in Amy's texts. Despite his young age, Miss. Winehouse namely an experienced lady who knows what she wants when it comes to the opposite sex. The texts on the debut album Frank is a kind of obituary of a love relationship, and Amy does not at any time punches. Also in her interview - she has such spoken to the British music magazine Q, "there are men I'd rather fuck with in two hours than talk for two minutes."

- Sometimes I think that I ought to pack things into nicer. But I can not go and take into account what people think about me. I am who I am, and then the people for me to think what the fuck they want about me.

It all goes out

You are very honest in your texts. Do you ever, it may be too personal?

- It is important for me to be honest. I could not sing about something that I do not feel. It may well be that people know the intimate details of my last relationship, but I needed to write it all down, to get it out of my head. So I do not think it gets too personal. I do not think there is anything that I could not write a song about. That's the beauty of music, you can say almost anything you want, if you make it on any sweet way, so no one will really know what you are talking about.

Amy Winehouse has several music magazines have been compared with other English jazz hope as Katie Melua and Jamie Cullum. A comparison, she is not far thrilled. Amy has repeatedly criticized both Cullum and Melua not to write their own songs. So she is more inspired by England's burgeoning hip-hop scene.

- There are many exciting artists on the urban scene, for example. Ty (English rapper, ed.). I am also pleased to check Estelles (English girl rapper, ed.) Album out. She is wicked, and I would love to do something with her. The future looks bright for Amy, in particular, was nominated for two British MOBO-Awards (Music Of Black Origin, Ed.), including in the category "Best Jazz Act" in which Jamie Cullum be won. Here at GAFFA we would now clearly put money on Winehouse, if the two met in a boxing ring.

Translated link ...

Original link ...
Amy, if you are up there listening, thank you for sharing the incredible soundtracks of your life ...

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 10:50 AM

she has such spoken to the British music magazine Q, "there are men I'd rather fuck with in two hours than talk for two minutes."

Lol. Reminded me of Amy commenting on Sting's looong tantric sex sessions with his wife: "Wrap it up, man!".

Here at 1:42...

Edited by ancre, 16 November 2012 - 11:14 AM.

"I trust my instincts, and that’s what has got me where I am, y’know?" (Amy)

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