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Blonde Amy?

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#16 pinkismyfavoritecrayon


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Posted 19 May 2024 - 09:22 PM

The problem is that she was never asked about this in an interview. This is one of the endless questions that would have interested to ask Amy.
I personally believe that it was an attempt to 'restart' her life and start from scratch (she looked a bit healthy in blond hair for example the pictures with Mark). Sad it didn't work though.
And she was way more beautiful than Lady Gaga who I think became famous in 2009?


God, I have a friend who's a big fan of Gaga, acts like she's the best thing since sliced bread. Calls Amy's music boring. She likes to give me hell sometimes about how she's better than Amy, lol. It's for fun, but sometimes I take it a little too seriously.


As a former Gaga stan myself I disagree. There are far better acts than her. I'm not saying she's bad, either but too much of her stuff is mechanized pop. Not musically great. Amy was more beautiful than her, inside and out. Amy may have a smaller vocal range but Gaga does not have the same skill level. Undeniably, both women have distinctive vocals. Gaga would not be here without Amy. Amy's first Rolling Stone cover in 2007 inspired Gaga to continue pursing her career despite being told she was too ugly to make it far.

Lately, Stefani Germanotta has been a slave to the music industry and honestly has been since she was convinced to go from rock to pop in order to succeed. She hasn't had a good album in years. She dyed her hair blond so she wouldn't get confused with Amy. Gaga is a little too crazy for my liking, sometimes too much about the image and less about the music. Personally, I care about the music far more than the image. Music is heard, not seen.


She's a good actor, makes me think of how good Amy would have been if she ever went Hollywood, she would have been a great actress from what I hear and seen of her theater performances at Sylvia Young's, but doesn't sound like something she would have pursued, sadly.

I'm not trashing Gaga, she's another artist who changed my life.

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I think I was put on this Earth to make people laugh. Would have loved to make Amy laugh at least once.  :( 


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Posted 23 May 2024 - 07:13 PM

as someone who discovered amy as a child in america (because of unrestricted internet access in the 2000’s the OG ipad kid lol) so i only really saw her on the grammys and youtube i FELLLL in love with those lady gaga early the fame performances and i will say i never stuck to gaga after that. i think as a child her outrageous outfits and look really pulled me in but i lost interest after but i will say that blonde hair and sunglasses had 1st grade me in a CHOKEHOLDDD
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Posted 03 June 2024 - 04:11 PM

I didn't like Amy with blonde hair at all, it made her look even sicker. The phase was from January 2008 when she came back from Barbados to January 18th 2008. But she had a weakness for Marilyn Monroe and it always made me sad to notice how her body image became more and more distorted. The beginning where she looked totally healthy and sexy at the beginning of her career, where the damn press described her as "fat." Then when she became thinner and thinner in 2007, which looked good for a while, but then she became more and more thin. Unfortunately, this development continues in 2008, she is becoming thinner and thinner and simply looks sick. When she went to Saint Lucia in 2009, she recovered somewhat. Blake Wood takes photos of her and she wants him to photograph her like a Hollywood beauty, unfortunately she is still very thin and of course her breasts have become smaller as a result. At the end of the year she had her breasts unnaturally enlarged; I think she wanted to hide her insecurity. But they don't suit her figure. Then fake freckles. Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging Amy, I can understand her decisions, it makes me so sad that at the beginning of her career she had the figure that suited her and couldn't see it.

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Posted 13 June 2024 - 07:52 PM

She looked terrible as a blond. I remember first seeing these pictures and being shocked and worried for her, thinking "fuck she's really gone off the rails " because she looked really skinny and sick

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